April 25, 2007

British Islamists to Protest Six Arrested Terrorists

Remember, the last time the followers of Omar Bakri Mohammed organized a London protest, they vocally called for the Pope's death and carried signs reading, among other things, "Islam will conquer Rome". These are also the same guys who organized the Danish embassy protest, over the Mohammed cartoons, and were seen carrying signs that read "Behead those who insult Islam."

The call for Friday's protest came at a password protected website used by the six men who were arrested on Monday for encouraging terrorist acts and raising funds for terrorism abroad.

London police should be prepared and hopefully we can get some people videotaping the event. Generally, what they say is far worse than the signs they carry.

In September of 2006, the same group--on a now defunct website (thank us later for getting it shut down)--issued a similar call to protest the Pope. The signs carried by the protesters outraged many.

What crazy stuff can we expect at this protest? The announcement is below, in its entirety.

UPDATE: Just to clarify, I did realize the significance of the 6 names, which is why I first published them here and then again here, so Google News would pick it up. Little Bulldogs has more info on the six in question.

Here is the announcement:



2-4 Harrow Road, London W2 – (near Edgware Road tube)

Friday 27th April ‘07 from 2:30pm until 5pm

Following the raid and arrest of 6 innocent Muslims on Tuesday morning there will be a demonstration outside Paddington Police station this Friday after Jummah prayers. All Muslims are urged to come and condemn the barbaric policies of taking hostage anyone who opposes their murderous foreign policy and racist laws.

Those arrested last Tuesday include the following Muslims:

Sulayman Keeler
Omar Brooks (Abu Izzadeen)
Rajib Khan
Shah Jalal Hussain
Omar Zaheer
Ibraheem (Abdul Haq)

The above mentioned brothers join 1000’s of others who are currently languishing in jails in this country and abroad as part of the Christian ‘Crusade’ launched by Tony Blair and George Bush. The only ‘crimes’ that those arrested on Tuesday committed was to speak up against the evil of man made law and to call for the supremacy and beauty of the Shari’ah (Islamic law) - which will one day govern the whole world, including Britain.

The police and Blair regime are alleging that the brothers raised funds for terrorism and were inciting terrorism abroad. As far as Tony Blair, John Reid and their cronies are concerned terrorists mean Muslims who are being oppressed and who therefore want to liberate their land. Terrorist funds means money being paid to the women and children – widows and orphans left as a result of the criminal foreign policies which Tony Blair is pursuing in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine etc… there is no doubt that Muslims collect much money during Ramadan to help the poor, needy and oppressed around the world and that they are obliged to forbid the evil of man made law whenever and wherever they can. However in today’s perverse logic from the Western media and governments this is translated as terrorism and the real terrorists who are occupying Muslim land and killing innocent men, women and children are allowed to do so with impunity.

Muslims must rise up and defend their brethren wherever they are. The Messenger Muhammad (saw) described the Muslim Ummah as one body, where if one part of it suffers then the rest come to its aid. Those who are currently being tested by Allah (SWT) with imprisonment for speaking the truth and struggling for the justice and perfection of divine law have their own reward for their deeds and we pray that Allah (SWT) gives them the patience and fortitude to pass this test, however the rest of us still able to speak and take action must do our duty as well by forbidding the munkar (evil) we see and to condemn the actions of the Pharaoh’s of today like George Bush, Tony Blair and their apostate supporters in charge of Muslim countries.

O Muslims, remember that we will all stand before Allah (SWT) one day and will be accounted for our actions, the way we use our tongue, limbs and wealth. Let us use whatever we have been blessed with for the sake of the struggle between haq and baatil, in the struggle between the alliance of Allah (SWT) against the alliance of shaytaan. We cannot afford to be spectators in the conflict that we see before our eyes. Let us come together this Friday to condemn the hostages taken by the Blair regime this week and also the many other innocent Muslims in British prisons. Let us rise against the 1000’s of Muslim houses and families whose honour has been violated. Let us be the voice of those who do not have a voice. Let us fulfil the Sunnah of the Prophets and the greatest Messenger and best man who ever walked the face of the earth Muhammad (saw), and his beloved companions who never remained silent when the falsehood was prevalent in their own time.

O Muslims, Allah (SWT) tells us that he will not just leave us with stating that we believe without to test us. This test could be with our health, families and wealth or even with an enemy having the upper hand. This is the Sunnah of Allah – Sunnatul Tamhees, when the similitude of the Muslims is like a tree, which is shaken so that the yellow leaves fall off leaving the pure and strong green leaves i.e. the practising Muslims full of tawheed, full of Imaan and eager to please Allah (SWT) - having passed the test. Allah (SWT) mentions in the Qur’an that whenever the Muslims saw the enemy having the upper or being greater in numbers or when they saw Muslims being tested; that their Imaan increased because they saw the reality of what Allah (SWT) has already promised them regarding the plans and wishes of the Kuffar (disbelievers) and how the Muslims would be tested. May Allah (SWT) grant us the strength to pass this test like our forefathers. Support the demonstration this Friday outside Paddington Police station.

The Followers of Ahl us-Sunnah Wal Jamma’ah

For more information please contact 07707 142 615

For media enquiries please contact 07956 600 569

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