April 25, 2007

Named: Six Terror Suspects Arrested in UK Raid

The list of the six Muslims arrested by British police yesterday. No one else, not even The New York Times, has this list

An Islamist forum connected with Omar Bakri Mohammed, and previously exposed here at The Jawa Report, has listed the names of the six terror suspects arrested yesterday. Some of the names may be mispelled, but here is how the forum listed them:

Abu Izzadeen from London
(Ibrahim) Abdul Haqq from London
Sulayman Keeler from London
Abu Muwaheed from London
Omar Zaheer from west London
Rajib Jhan (Khan) from Luton

All are followers of radical exiled clerica Omar Bakri Mohammed. The message also claimed those arrested were "victims of the British crusade", urged Muslims to pray for their release, and prayed that Allah would curse the kuffar (unbeliever).

Regular readers may be wondering why I'm posting this again. It's because, for some unknown reason, Google News did not pick it up the first three times I posted it. And since we are the only news outlet in the world that either has the names or is willing to publish the names, then I feel kind of obligated to keep posting until Google News or some other news outlet publishes it.

There is a chance that the British police are asking news outlets not to publish the names. Glen Jenvey sent me news that Peter Clarke, who the BBC calls "UK's counter-terrorism chief," is complaining about terror investigation leaks. If these names constitute such a leak, then I apologize.

My own sense is that naming the men will probably do little harm. Their names were found on an Islamic forum run by fellow followers of Omar Bakri Mohammed, so any others being investigated already know that they are targets. It seems that it is only the public that doesn't know what a threat the former members of al Muhajiroun, al Ghurabaa, the Islamic Thinkers Society, and The Saved Sect are.

Since the website which released the names is registered to The Birmingham Central Mosque--one of the largetst "moderate" mosques in Britain--then I hope the authorities will excuse me for being skeptical of their motivation in not disclosing these names to the public. I mean, if high-profile "moderate" British Muslims are tacitly supporting terrorism, then what would this say about the accepted discourse about a few "extremists"?

But, again, if the British authorities wish us to refrain from releasing this sort of material to the public in the future for fear that it would hinder a terror investigation, I'm always willing to play ball. I'm not British, but I am enough of an Anglophile to deeply care for the safety of the U.K. and its citizens. Feel free to put us in contact to a liason officer at any time.

BTW-There is no Google News conspiracy here, but their automated program to pick up stories is severely flawed.

UPDATE: Finally, Google News has picked it up.

UPDATE: Little Bulldogs has more info on the six in question.

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