April 24, 2007

Jawa Celebration: Abu Izzadeen & 5 Others Arrested in Terror Ring

How we had the evidence on Izzadeen before he was arrested below.

UPDATE EXCLUSIVE: An Islamist forum connected with Omar Bakri Mohammed, and previously exposed here at The Jawa Report, has listed the names of the six terror suspects arrested today. Many of the names seemed mispelled, but here is how the forum listed them:

Abu Izzadeen from London
Abdul Haqq from London
Sulayman Keeler from London
Abu Muwaheed from London
Omar Zaheer from west London
Rajib Jhan (Khan) from Luton

All are followers of radical exiled clerica Omar Bakri Mohammed. The message also claimed those arrested were "victims of the British crusade", urged Muslims to pray for their release, and prayed that Allah would curse the kuffar (unbeliever).

Video of Abu Izzadeen here.
Video of Abu Muwaheed below.
Video of Sulayman Keeler here.

Another update: Is Abdul Haqq the Abdul Haqq Baker who is the head of the Brixton Mosque in South London where Richard Reid once attended?

Abu Izzadeen, a regular target of the Jawa Report's ire, has been arrested---again. Five others were arrested with him.

Normally I'm happy whenever we take jihad supporters off the street. Today I don't think happy really describes how I'm feeling. More like ecstatic.

How come? Because I've been on a bit of a crusade against the followers of Omar Bakri Mohammed for some time now and it looks like it's finally bearing some fruit. Sure, Izadeen was arrested once before, but this time it seems more serious. This time the charge includes fund raising for terrorists.

Oh, and this time I saw some of the evidence being used against Izzadeen before he was arrested. How is this possible? Well I can reveal that one of the informers behind the case is a friend, Glen Jenvey. Glen met with authorities a few weeks ago and passed along the videos and other information to them.


Six men have been arrested on suspicion of incitement offences by anti-terror officers from the Metropolitan Police.

They include Abu Izzadeen, also known as Omar Brooks, who made headlines when he heckled Home Secretary John Reid at an event last year.

Five arrests took place in London and the sixth in Luton, Bedfordshire.

Scotland Yard said the arrests related to allegations of inciting others to commit acts of terrorism abroad and fund-raising for terrorists.

The BBC understands that the arrests are connected to an alleged incident at a mosque in 2004. The men were taken to an unnamed police station in central London.

The BBC understands that among the six arrested is Rajib Khan, a 28-year-old man from Luton.

The other men arrested are a 24-year-old, 35-year-old and 21-year-old, all from parts of East London, and a 27-year-old from Southall in the west of the capital.

You'll remember that the 7/7 bombing ringleader was Sadiq Khan and that on the morning of 7/7 Khan and three accomplices boarded the train at the Luton station on his way to London to commit mass-murder.

Since Rajib Khan was picked up in Luton, could he be a relative of Sadiq Khan?

Allahpundit has two Izadeen videos up. Both of them are from Glen Jenvey and one of them premiered right here on The Jawa Report.

Jenvey just has tons of videos and audios of Izzadeen and other followers of Bakri Mohammed doing all sorts of stuff: praising terrorists, urging the death penalty for gays, inciting Muslims to kill the police, and even urging Muslims to give money to al Qaeda.

He also tells me that one of the men arrested is shown in this video. His name is something like "Keyla". Update: His name is Sulayman Keeler.

To be honest, Glen has sent me so much evidence that Abu Izadeen and the other al Muhajiroun goons, such as Anjem Choudary, are in bed with al Qaeda that I haven't linked 1/10th of it. It seemed literally pointless to point out the obvious anymore.

A month ago, after Glen sent me a link, I told him, "The thing is, don't you think he's pretty much exposed by now? I'm guessing your intel and police would love to get their hands on him." And guess what? They did.

And since Glen has been kind enough to keep me "in the loop", I would be remiss in not mentioning the book War of the Web: Fighting the Online Jihad which recounts Glen's involvement in the arrest of Abu Hamza and others.

All of these videos were originally set to "private" on YouTube and sent to me, but Glen had to change that setting to "public" once we started posting them. There are 55 videos in all, but we've only posted a handful here to this date.

For instance, here is a video of one of Abu Izzadeen's friends [update: this is of Abu Muwaheed, arrested today] urging Muslims to give money to terrorists. In it, he says, "Teach your children from a young age to spend money for the sake of Allah. To give money to the mujahidin." Then he breaks into Arabic but one word is apparent: Osama bin Laden. In the context of the speech he is giving it is clear he is urging people to give money to al Qaeda.

Video of arrested terror suspect Muwaheed below.

You can check out my original posting of Izzadeen claiming, "Terrorism is part and parcel to Islam. Terrorism is part of the deen [Islamic way of life] of Islam," here.

Here is the three part expose I recently ran about the followers of Omar Bakri Mohammed running a website connected to the Birmingham Central Mosque which encourages jihad and even offered literature written by Osama bin Laden.

British Islamic Website: The Virtues of Killing the Non-Believer

Website with Links to Birmingham Mosque Takes Down bin Laden Book, Still Supporting Violent Jihad
Birmingham Mosque Supporting Exiled al Qaeda Supporter?

We have so much evidence against these guys that Howie & Vinnie started an archive category for them which, unfortunately, only includes those posts written after he came up with the idea: Omar the Goat Humping Bakri Mohammed.

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