April 23, 2007

There is no al Qaeda - Iraq Connection


Above: U.S. soldier holds up the flag of The Islamic State of Iraq found in a Sunni village in Diyala province. The Islamic State of Iraq is an al Qaeda front group masquerading as a "shadow government". The above photo was posted at an internet forum by a jihadi as evidence of al Qaeda's future victory in Iraq.

Not exactly sure how that works....since it is an American soldier displaying a captured flag....which means something like "we pwned you al Qaeda bitches!"

Just remember this when the Democrats demand immediate withdrawal from Iraq. WaPo:

Al-Qaeda in Iraq, operating under the banner of an umbrella group called the Islamic State of Iraq, has managed to drive out Shiites from many cities and villages in Diyala. Shiites in Baqubah, who once made up about 45 percent of the population, now account for about 20 percent, said Sutherland. In March, gunmen laid siege to the Shiite village of Towakel, northeast of Muqdadiyah, burning dozens of homes, slaughtering livestock and leaving a smoldering ghost town in their wake. On wall after wall they scrawled graffiti proclaiming the village the domain of the Islamic State of Iraq.

"They just stormed in one night and started on the southwest side and started burning their way all the way up this one road," said Von Plinsky. The Shiite villagers "had defenses built up . . . but they just got overpowered. They got decimated."

The bad news is that Iraq is absolutely crawling with al Qaeda types. The good news is that we are finally confronting them. The really bad news? The Democrats don't seem to care.

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