April 19, 2007

Teacher Lina Sinha Gets Prison

(New York City) Veteran readers of The Jawa Report may remember 40-year-old Manhattan Montessori School teacher Lina Sinha who was accused in 2005 of molesting schoolboys. Last month, Sinha was convicted by a jury on felony counts of sodomy and witness bribery. Finally, a conclusion has been reached in the case.

Today, Justice Carol Berkman of State Supreme Court in Manhattan sentenced Sinha to four and two-thirds to 14 years in prison.

Notably, Justice Berkman remarked that Sinha grew up in an environment of privilege which introduced her to many options in life. Sinha was "well-raised" and "beautiful." Disturbingly, however, she used her education, sophistication and superior position to violate the boy's sexual innocence and abuse their trust and that of society. For all this, Justice Berkman believes Ms. Sinha is "all the more culpable."

I'd suggest that if Lina Sinha carries "airs" about her when she enters the big house, she is going to have trouble.

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