April 19, 2007

Virginia Tech: "I, as a Muslim, don’t feel any sorrow"

Thanks to allahakchew for finding this disgusting post at a most disgusting website. It's an English language blog by a Sunni Salafi who openly supports al Qaeda in all its manifestations. In regards to the Virginia Tech massacre:

And whatever strikes you of disaster - it is for what your hands have earned… (ash-Shura: 30)

In other words, whatever sins you have committed O Americans, then expect “Tragedies” upon “Tragedies” from both internally and externally. This University shooting was an example of an internal tragedy as well as the Columbine shooting a few years ago. I, as a Muslim, don’t feel any sorrow over what tragedies occur to the Americans, whether internally or externally, whether gargantuan or minute, because the Americans simply deserve a punch in the nose for their internal evils as well as the evils they exported and also because Allah Ta’aala says: And grieve not over them nor be in distress from what they conspire. (an-Naml: 70)

The entire post is really addressed to Muslims, chiding them for feeling sorry for any American that dies. It then goes on to explain that since America's leaders reject Islam, then as Americans:
these kuffaar would face the sword.
Oh, and about 9/11:
So do not grieve over what happened to the Americans on September 11th, nor grieve over what happened to them with Katrina. These disbelievers deserve for their nation to be lifted up in the air, turned upside down, and smashed down into the face of the earth – the way it was done to the evil nation of Prophet Loot [Lot, ie, Sodom and Gomorah].
I'm sure most Muslims in America feel genuinely disgusted about the crime, but it would be nice if groups like CAIR officially condemned Salafism in all--even its moderate--forms. The same goes for Khomeinism.

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