April 16, 2007

Rumor Dispelled---Virginia Tech Killer ID'd: Wayne Chiang

An internet rumor has started that the Virginia Tech killer is a blogger named Wayne Chiang. I'm trying to dispell the rumor, but Wayne hasn't responded to my e-mail yet. Here's his livejournal blog and his facebook photo album. The fact that Wayne Chiang is

a) Asian
b) goes to Virginia Tech
c) has tons of pics of guns
d) seems depressed about a girlfriend

Isn't helping.

The fact that he's an Ann Coulter fan also isn't helping the Leftists either. Because, aren't all Ann Coulter fans just one bad day away from losing it?

But just because you're Asian, doesn't make you from Hong Kong update: better make that Korea. Interesting little known fact about the real man behind "Rusty Shackleford": nearly half of the people he grew up with in his hometown in suburban Southern California were Asian. Nearly all of them born here.

And doesn't the fact that you have a girlfriend, by definition, kind of mean there will be bad days?

The fact that he posted earlier this afternoon saying thanks to the Something Awful Forum for linking him and then taking down that post (or so I am told)--apparently enjoying his ten minutes of fame--is pretty conclusive. Or, at least, it is to me.

I almost fell victim to the rumor. Who saved me? Allahpundit, who else? It was Allahpundit who saw the earlier posting from Wayne, just before "someone" took it down. Allahpundit tells me he will probably post on this soon, but I have to go to the airport.

So, just in case you were wondering if this was the face of the killer--


--it's not.

Seriously, I was seconds away froma post that would have added fuel to the Wayne Chiang as the Virginia Tech killer fire. Thanks for the save Allahpundit who should have more details soon! Update: Allahpundit posts here.

The original image for this post was taken down. Credit Gateway Pundit for having a copy.

UPDATE 4/17: Wayne has posted, again:

I made drudge. Amazing. Shout out to South Park, the best show out there. Maybe they will make a reference...

Coming out. I am not the shooter.

Apparently Wayne just wanted to get adsense going before he dispelled the rumor and didn't think that it would make national media.

Dan Riehl finds that Wayne has been a victim more than once.

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