April 12, 2007

JL Kirk Associates Accuses Blogger of Libel

The quickest way to make sure that an unfavorable account of your business practices is spread as far and as wide as possible? Send a cease and desist letter.

Blogger Kathrine Coble posted an account of her and her husband’s dealings with headhunting firm JL Kirk Associates. I read her article and it seems pretty open, honest and up front to me.

Kirk and Associates will get you a job just drop the 4 G’s in advance. In my opinion that’s lower than a snake’s belly. If they are so good then they should find you the job and then request a reasonable payment. If the job is good people will not complain about the cost of the service. Besides, if you have four grand to drop on a less than sure thing, you probably don't need the job. See how this works?

But apparently JL Kirk Associates wants Mrs. Coble’s story to be #1 on Google and Google news too. So, they sent a letter demanding that Katherine take down her less than flattering post. They wound up Kirking themselves.

Hat Tip: Instapundit.

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