April 05, 2007

New bin Laden Video Expected

Marvellous. Let's hope this is old footage, given a new spin. As-Sahab has been known to recycle bin Laden's speeches in the past, edited and translated by our own American traitor Adam Gadahn.

But if bin Laden's speech does include the recent Arab summit and talks about Hamas's new found role in the PA government, as the announcement claims, then this is bad news. Why? Because it means bin Laden is alive.

Needless to say we will bring you the full unedited video when it is finally released. There is also a distinct possibility that we will have the video before it is released to the public. Let's just say we know top people.

On 4 April, a jihadist website carried the following posting:

"After a long absence by the shaykh of mujahidin, whom we have missed as well as his speeches, some news is being leaked indicating that Shaykh [Shiekh] Usama Bin Ladin [Osama bin Laden], God protect and preserve him and make him a thorn in the throat of the enemies, will make an appearance. The news indicates that Al-Sahab [as-Sahab] Media Establishment, which specializes in publishing Al-Qa'ida leaders' speeches, has recently finished producing a video featuring Bin Ladin's speech to the entire Islamic nation. "

Furthermore, the poster of this note maintains that the speech includes several messages to the "mujahidin" in Iraq, the Palestinian People on " the capitulation choice which HAMAS gave in to," the Riyadh Arab summit, the "fears" of America and its allies of the establishment of the Islamic Caliphate state in Iraq, and the "good tidings of victory in Iraq and Afghanistan."


UPDATE: Laura Mansfield tells me that the original post was at muslm.net, which isn't the usual place where as-Sahab makes their announcements. Could this really be a Zawahiri tape coming out?

UPDATE II: Allahpundit got wind of this too and speculates that bin Laden is trying to boost morale since al Qaeda is losing on so many fronts.

Me? I just hope that the announcement turns out to be bogus. Bin Laden is not a strategic threat to us, but any sign of life will definitely help boost the morale of his troops and of the America haters around the world.

UPDATE III: False alarm? Laura Mansfield now saying that the original posting that CENTCOM was referring to actually was about some old bin Laden speeches, released in January.

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