April 05, 2007

Al Jazeerah Hearts Chuck Hagel

You think, Maybe Chuck Hagel (Dhimmi-Nebraska) should rethink his appearance at the Arab American Institute's Kahlil Gibran “Spirit of Humanity” Awards ceremony? You don't need to know everything about James Zogby's pro-Palestinian front group to know its a bad idea. You don't need to know that their legal arm, the American- Arab Anti-Discrimination Committe (ADC) is behind the lawsuit against a judge who "discriminated" against a woman by throwing out her small-claims lawsuit after she refused to remove her veil. You don't need to know that they are a Soros funded Leftist organization.

But when al Jazeerah.info (not the satellite TV al Jazeerah, the one run by a Georgia professor) a website which openly promotes terrorism and antisemtitic conspiracy theories, is promoting the event you're about to speak at, then you might just want to reconsider the reason you're being honored.

WASHINGTON – April 3, 2007 – Sen. Chuck Hagel (R-Neb.) will offer remarks at the Arab American Institute Foundation’s (AAIF) 2007 Kahlil Gibran “Spirit of Humanity” Awards honoring Archbishop Emeritus of the District of Columbia Cardinal Theodore E. McCarrick, Search for Common Ground, and Global Impact. Hagel is a prominent member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and has been a consistent and outspoken advocate for a more balanced, responsible U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East.

Hagel has urged his fellow members of Congress to take action to bring the Iraq war to a swift end and has encouraged U.S. leadership to recognize Iraq’s right to self-determination. “The day to day responsibilities of governing and security will soon have to be assumed by the Iraqis…The longer America remains in Iraq in its current capacity, the deeper the damage to our force structure,” he said in remarks on the Senate floor.

The senator, who has traveled extensively throughout the Middle East, has also emphasized the need to renew the Israeli-Palestinian peace process as a requirement for restoring stability to the entire region. During last year’s war in Lebanon, Hagel said, “Our relationship with Israel is a special and historic one. But, it need not and cannot be at the expense of our Arab and Muslim relationships.”


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