April 04, 2007

British Islamic Website: The Virtues of Killing the Non-Believer

Here's an update on the "moderates" who run the Birmingham Central Mosque and their connection to al Qaeda supporters. After my initial post showing the website a) had pro-jihadi propaganda on it, including literature written by Osama bin Laden; and b) was registered to one of the largest mosques in Britain-- the literature I linked to mysteriously disappeared from the website.

But, they left up other literature, including one pamphlet encouraging Muslims living in the West to attack the kafir (unbelievers) wherever they lived. That literature has now vanished. Don't worry, we have screenshots should the authorities in the U.K. ever get off their duffs and do something. Unlike in the U.S., this kind of stuff is a crime in Britain. At least, in theory it is.

So, is the website still promoting terrorism? You bet it is. I know I'm going to regret this, but the idiots leave their directories open. Which means that although they took down the links to most of this stuff from their main pages, it's still there on their servers waiting for potential jihadis to download it.


This 181 page book on jihad is filled with insightful chapters on "the peaceful inner struggle of jihad" such as:


And even slightly more terrifying, especially for the British who have large numbers of Muslims in their armies-- the vast majority of whom are serving honorably and must bear the disgusting stigma of this garbage coming from a website linked to "moderate Muslim leaders" who pretend to speak for them:


Nice peaceful inner struggle you got there.

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