April 03, 2007

American Missing In Iran Is I.D.'d

Robert A. Levinson.

Here's where they say he went:

He was visiting Kish Island, an Iranian resort and free-trade zone off the southwest coast that does not require a visa to visit. He had traveled to Iran from the United Arab Emirates, U.S. officials said.

So he wasn't necessarily traveling in Iran proper. Here's what they say he was doing there:

The State Department said Levinson was going to meet someone to set up an interview or interviews for a project involving a book and a documentary by an independent producer and author believed to be from Canada, U.S. officials said. He was doing legwork for what a senior U.S. official described as an "innocuous" project that "had no connection with anything political." The official added: "The guy was on a perfectly harmless private activity." But he also may have been doing some work for his own consulting business, U.S. officials said.

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