April 01, 2007

Website with Links to Birmingham Mosque Takes Down bin Laden Book, Still Supporting Violent Jihad

After exposing Omar Bakri Mohammed's latest website as being registered to the same address as one of the largest Islamic centers of worship in England--The Birmingham Central Mosque-- several links have vanished. A free download of "39 Ways to Serve and Participate in Jihad" and "A Declaration of War" written by Osama bin Laden are no longer there. That's strange. It's almost as if they're afraid of something.......

Hey, numbnuts, looks like you forgot to take down all the links that show that you support violent jihad against your own countrymen. Which, last time I checked, was a crime in Great Britain. It's kind of what got your last three groups (al-Muhajiroun; al-Ghuraba; and The Saved Sect) banned.


Here's a little excerpt from "The Ruling on Jihad":

That it is obligatory to fight Jihad against the enemy in their heartlands whenever possible and there is no minimum requirement stipulated....

Indeed fighting the disbelievers and going on expeditions against them whenever possible, perfectly suites the aims and objectives of fighting Jihad. Some of these objectives include removing corruption from the face of the earth and spreading the Islamic authority all over the world. The obligation of Jihad will only ever cease being a duty when Jihad’s true purpose is realised, that being the complete control of the whole earth such that not a single hand-span is left which is not under Islamic rule or by struggling ones utmost to accomplish this.....

It is not sufficient to solely fight against the Kuffar on a single frontier; rather it is obligatory for the Muslims to fight the Kuffar who is nearest to them.

Nice peaceful inner struggle you got there.......

Thanks to David for noticing the earlier links were down.

Birmingham Mosque Supporting Exiled al Qaeda Supporter?

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