April 01, 2007

Bias? What Bias?

CNN Reporter Michael Ware was caught heckling and mocking the official comments made at a press conference with John McCain and Lindsay Graham in Baghdad. They're both deserving targets, I know, but Michael Ware is slowly losing his mind a little more each broadcast.

Not a reporter. Treat all further information opined by Ware as such. Also, this:

Michael Ware has also publicly expressed his views on the war last year in an interview with Bill Maher, saying, I've been given a front-row ticket to watch this slow-motion train wreck I try to stay as drunk for as long as possible while I'm here In fact, I'm drinking now.

UPDATE: It wasn't Ware. It was an AFP reporter. The above quote, however, still stands - not the laughter thingy, though. Dismissed.

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