March 31, 2007

The Idiot, Rosie O'Donnell, forgot about the fuel tanks in WTC #7

Rosie, you pompous arrogant nutroot bitch, really you should try to get a clue before you spew paranoid leftard conspiracy theories to millions of people.

My husband who built WTC#7 (he's an Iron Worker) says the building came down for the following reasons:

1) New York City's Emergency Control Center was located in WTC 7. The center required fuel for the emergency generators in the event of a power failure. Thus, huge fuel tanks were located on the second floor. (There was already a Con-Ed substation in the basement.) The fuel tanks were encased in concrete, which became compromised. The fuel in the tanks caught fire. If you recall, you obnoxious bimbette, the fire in 7 was centered on the second and third floors.

2) The walkway between WTC 7 and the North Tower over Vessey street (second floor again) had huge steel trusses, about 80 feet long, that took over two weeks to put in. When the North Tower went down, these extremely heavy trusses were unsupported on one end, placing additional strain on the exterior steel columns around the second floor, which transferred the weight to the internal columns.

Thus the fuel created a super hot fire at the location of the already structurally weakened steel beams, which caused the building to collapse. It was not President Bush, you ridiculous idiot, it was Osama bin Laden.

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