March 30, 2007

Yemeni Suicide Bombers in Iraq

About 90% of suicide bombers in Iraq are foreigners with the vast majority from Yemen and North Africa. 90% of these foreign fighters go to Iraq via Syria. The State Department is warning...Syria.

If Syria does close the borders, where are the Yemeni suicide bombers going to go? They won't dissappear into thin air. It might be a good idea to start focusing on the souce of the suicide bombers, those "influential persons" in Yemen who facilitate their indocrination, training, documents, financing and transport, and later praise their deaths and the death of US troops.

Also there were more chlorine attacks by "foreign fighters." In 2005, the Yemeni military used chlorine gas as a weapon against Shiite rebels; in 2007, Yemeni jihaddists use chlorine gas in attacks in Iraq against US troops. Predictable. What are all the Salafi jihaddis currently networking in Sa'ada going to do after the Shiite Houthi rebellion is over, attack the Socialists? I don't think so.

World Tribune:

WASHINGTON A U.S. State Dept. official said about 90 percent of the suicide attackers in Iraq came from Syria.

"It has to stop," said David Satterfield, the chief State Department adviser on Iraq.
Officials said that despite numerous appeals, Syria has failed to stop the flow of Sunni suicide bombers to Iraq. They said the lion's share of suicide bombers were foreign Arab nationals who entered Syria and made their way to Iraq.

"They [suicide bombers] see Syria as a more accommodating country through which to transit across the border to come into Iraq to perpetrate their terror," Satterfield.

Satterfield said the U.S. intelligence community has assessed that between 85 and 90 percent of suicide bombers in Iraq entered from Syria. In an address to the Washington Institute on March 27, Satterfield said 90 percent of suicide bombers in Iraq were foreigners.

Officials said North Africans and Yemenis comprised the largest element among the foreign suicide bombers....

In Iraq, foreign suicide bombers coming from Syria have increasingly used chlorine in their attacks. On Wednesday, at least 15 Iraqi and U.S. soldiers were injured when suicide bombers detonated explosives on trucks that contained chlorine in the Anbar province.

HT: Jihad Watch

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