March 30, 2007

Birmingham Mosque Supporting Exiled al Qaeda Supporter? (Sticky)

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A week after the website of radical cleric Omar Bakri Mohammed was shut down (thank us later), his followers have migrated to a new website. The new website is registered to an address that matches what was once Western Europe's largest Islamic house of worship: The Birmingham Central Mosque.

The mosque address is:
180 Belgrave Middleway, Highgate, Birmingham England B12 0XS

A Whois search of Bakri Mohammed's website,, reveals this as the address of the registrant:
180 Belgrave Middleway, Highgate 2
Birmingham, B12 0XS, United Kingdom

The. Same. Address.

The Birmingham Central Mosque is described by this Wikipedia article:

Birmingham Central Mosque is the second purpose built mosque in the United Kingdom....The mosque was then officially opened in 1975 as the largest mosque in Western Europe....Since the mosque's establishment, it has become a focal point for the Birmingham Muslim community, providing education for children and adults, lectures and seminars, counselling and a marriage bureau along with sporting and recreational activities and workshops....

The chairman of the Birmingham Mosque Trust is Dr Mohammad Naseem, a nationally recognised and sometimes controversial Muslim leader. Dr Naseem once claimed that Al Qaeda did not exist.

Does Dr. Naseem, like Omar Bakri Mohammed, support the radical Islamist agenda of al Qaeda?

Why yes, he does. In fact, "He is executive member of and home affairs spokesman for the Islamic Party of Britain."

What are the Islamic Party of Britain's goals?

Its main efforts are, however, directed at the majority of non- Muslims living in the West, who are to be offered practical alternatives to the mounting problems of modern society and may be helped to understand that as an ideology and way of life Islam is superior to the failed ideologies of capitalism and communism.
In other words, the implementation of Sharia law. They are the British front for the Muslim Brotherhood, the less violent fellow travellers of al Qaeda and the Taliban.

Dr. Naseem is on the record as both a 9/11 skeptic and has expressed doubts about the authenticity of the Mohammed Sidique Kahn martyrdom videotape.

Omar Bakri Mohammed has been told he would not be allowed to reenter the U.K. after he fled the country when a number of his followers were linked to death threats and statements in support of terror and jihad. Since that time, he has been exposed to be a supporter of al Qaeda. Much of this relationship is explored in Jeremy Reynald's book, War on the Web: Fighting the Online Jihad. Just last week this video of Bakri Mohammed justifying the 9/11 attacks was released.

[UPDATE 5/1/2007: These links were taken down and no longer appear on their webpage. It's almost like they're afraid of something..... ;-) ]His Islambase webpage, the one registered to the Central Birmingham Mosque address, has a variety of pro-jihadi material on it. For instance, one of their free English language books is titled: 39 Ways to Serve and Participate in Jihad.


Peaceful inner struggle? From the book:

So, the Muslims of today are left with no choice but that of jihad and the language of weaponry....the only way to come to an understanding with the enemy is through the language of force and revenge?

There is no solution except for the greatest jihad. World peace no longer satisfies us. (p. 6)

It just gets worse from there. Including chapters on "preparing yourself for the jihad", "financially supporting the mujahidin", and "inciting the peole to jihad".

And the ever important, "Hide the secrets of the mujahidin from the enemy". Who is the enemy? "Whoever does this [exposes the mujahidin]....he is assisting the Americans."

Their literature includes a "Clarification of 9/11" and a "Declaration of War" written by none other than....drumroll please....Osama bin Laden.

Omar Bakri Mohammed's follower's at Islambase even have their own Youtube channel.

Bakri Mohammed is a known al Qaeda sympathizer, yet when he was living in Britain he was careful always to hide this supprt by using ambiguous terms in public. But we have amassed a number of videos and audios showing that, privately, he was rather direct in this support.

There is also a large following of Bakri Mohammed in Birmingham. Those followers, once known as al-Muhajiroun until they were banned, have had clashes with Dr. Naseem in the past.

Given, though, that the remnants of the followers of al Muhajiroun are now congregating on a website registered to the very mosque that Dr. Naseem leads, one wonders how real those conflicts are? Or were those conflicts simply cover for an internal power struggle? Or over the best tactics on reaching the Islamic State? Both Naseem's Islamic Party and Bakri Muhammed's followers claim that very same goal.

So, does this all mean that there is a secret working relationship between the self-proclaimed 'moderate' leadership of the Birmingham Central Mosque and Bakri Mohammed? Or is the Birmingham Central Mosque the victim of a prankster in Bakri Mohammed's organization who thought it would be funny to register their website to the mosque address?

As of this writing, we have no idea. I would like to think the latter. I hope that either Dr. Naseem himself, or any of the others on the board of directors at the mosque have no relationship with Bakri Mohammed.

But there is one more fact which needs to be added to this mystery. It does not prove that there is a relationship, but it strongly suggests it. All Bakri Mohammed's past websites have been registered to legitimate physical addresses where he or his followers lived, worked, or congregated.

Let's hope this is an exception to the trend.

P.S.--If you are in the U.K. you might want to spread the word to Brit bloggers and/or media. I just don't have the resources to do the needed followup on this.


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