March 30, 2007

Chocolate Jesus - Updated and Bumped

Update: Cancelled!

In another sign of just how isolated from society the "art world" has become, promoters of a life size crucified Jesus made of milk chocolate are surprised that unveiling the work during Easter Week has caused controversy.


NEW YORK -- The Easter season unveiling of a milk chocolate sculpture of Jesus Christ, dubbed "My Sweet Lord" by its creator, left a sour taste Thursday in the mouths of a Catholic group infuriated by the anatomically correct confection.

"This is one of the worst assaults on Christian sensibilities ever," said Bill Donohue, head of the watchdog Catholic League. "It's not just the ugliness of the portrayal, but the timing -- to choose Holy Week is astounding."

The gallery's creative director, mincing metrosexual milquetoast Matt Semler, described calls for a boycott as "a Catholic fatwa."

Oh come on. Have your artist come up with a statue of Mohammed having sex with child bride Aisha, made of pork suet, and we'll talk "fatwa," you pussy.

Picture: Chocolate Jesus.

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