March 23, 2007

Iran Funding Attacks in Iraq

Color me unsurprised. Personally, I'd hold out for $1,000 a month. But I guess the labor market for would-be infidel bombers is pretty much flooded these days.

Garduneh Mehr e-mails this piece from the The Australian:

IRANIAN agents are paying local Iraqis around the southern city of Basra as much as $500 a month to carry out attacks on coalition forces.

British Lieutenant Colonel Justin Maciejewski said contact with locals suggested that the “vast majority” of violence against British troops stationed in the city came from outside Iraq. ...

Lt-Col Maciejewski, who is the commanding officer at the British base at Basra Palace, went on: “Local sheikhs and tribal leaders here in Basra - who are desperate to prevent this violence escalating - are telling us that Iranian agents are paying up to $500 a month for young Basrawi men to attack us.

You know what would raise demand? A shooting war, rather than a proxy war, between Iran and the infidels......

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