March 23, 2007

Democrats Vote To Lose Iraq (UPDATED w/ snark!)

UPDATED: Tom Maguire finds the Democrats (via the NYT) metaphorically and literally "praying" for this pork-filled disgrace of a bill to pass:

Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a California Democrat, used an array of persuasion techniques — some hard, some soft — as she walked through the House chamber on Thursday, seeking out undecided legislators in hopes of securing the 218 votes needed to pass the measure. Representative John Lewis, Democrat of Georgia and a former civil rights leader and chief deputy whip, told Ms. Pelosi this week that he would oppose the bill because of his commitment to nonviolence and his unwillingness to devote more money to the war. “Let’s pray about it,” he recalled Ms. Pelosi saying. Ultimately, he added, “she respected my decision.”
Maguire goes in for the layup:
"Let's pray"? If The Coach had suggested a quick prayer with The Hammer prior to a vote on a pork-filled war appropriation, the resulting snark from lefty bloggers would fill a small cesspool. Whatever.
Here's some of the pork-fat the Defeatocrats used to grease the skids of surrender.

And then, there's this:

- - -

After spending billions in taxpayer dollars to "pork the vote," the democrats have voted for surrender by six votes.

Like we said all along, the Democrats are the party of defeat, surrender, and weakness. Our enemies laugh at us because of them.

Bush has his veto pen ready.

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