March 22, 2007

Three Arrested in 7/7 Bombings

More arrests in the London 7/7 bombings today. 7/7 has been called the U.K.'s 9/11. 52 passengers on various public transportaion lines in London were murdered on that day by Muslims inpired by al Qaeda. Police in Britain believe that al Qaeda may have been involved in both the planning and funding of the mass murder.


Three men were today arrested in connection with the July 7 London bombings, which killed 52 commuters on the capital's public transport system.

In the first significant arrests since the 2005 suicide attacks, two men, aged 23 and 30, were detained shortly before 1pm at Manchester airport, where they were due to catch a flight to Pakistan.

A third man, aged 26, was arrested at a house in Leeds shortly after 4pm...

It is understood the three arrested men are from Leeds. The property being searched in Colwyn Rd is on the same street as the house where Tanweer lived with his parents, who worked in a fish and chip shop.

UPDATE: As always, The Counterterrorism Blog has excellent coverage and much more info.

Allah reminds us that there had previously been a link between the 7/7 bomb plotters and Leeds. You'll recall that Magdi El-Nashar had been 'detained' in Egypt in July of last year [pictured above right]. Authories found the substance TATP in Magdy al-Nashar's Leeds apartment, but he claimed the explosive 'wasn't his'. He was a professor at Leed's University. Interesting fact about Magdi El-Nasher: He spent a semester at North Carolina University in grad school studying biochemistry.

On a related note, in a British court today Manfo Asiedu, who was arrested two weeks after the 7/7 bombings, claimed that he had planned an attack which would be "bigger and better" than the transit system bombings. He's radically changed his defense from 'it was all a joke, we're victims of Islamophobia' to 'we were planning to blow up an apartment complex'. Apparently he's pointing the finger at another defendant at the trial, Muktar Said Ibrahim, as the ringleader. UPDATE: LGF has video here.

Allah also reminds readers of how 7/7 got to Abu Izzadeen's funny bone. And since we just ran a video of Abu Izzadeen a few days ago, you might want to go check out his sermon on Islam=terrorism. Be sure to wait til he begins justifying the beheading of Paul Johnson by the 'mujahidin'.

I have a friend in Britain who swears that if Izzadeen wasn't personally involved in the 7/7 attacks, then it was at least inspired by his mentor, Omar Bakri Mohammed. Here is a a video of Bakri Muhammed extolling the virtues of al Qaeda, shortly before the 7/7 bombings.

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