March 20, 2007

Jihad Julio Update -- E-mails Show Kent State Professor Supporting Terror, Claimed Knowledge of Planned Terror Attacks

Kent State Professor Julio Pino is hoping the hot water he is in might turn tepid. But we cook with only two settings, off and high.

Amanda Garrett via The Plain Dealer: The retired U.S. Navy man never intended to leave his e-mail address behind when he posted a message about his Christianity two years ago on a jihadist's blog.

Yet, when the jihadist - using a Kent State University e-mail address - wrote back citing a Bible verse, the Navy man was intrigued.

"I am fighting to save the life of my people, as you are yours," the jihadist said. "My weapon is faith, as is yours."

On the days that followed, the Navy man and the jihadist politely debated online until the jihadist left a chilling post about sleeper cells:

"Who knows when the next martyrdom operation might be coming to your town? I do."
The Navy man was shaken. He figured the jihadist must be a student, but a trail of e-mails and computer tracking - recently shared with The Plain Dealer by the Navy man and four others - appeared to lead to Kent State University professor Julio Pino…
Mike Adams is still on the case and predicts that Jihad Julio won’t be down by the school yard much longer. Until then, he is free to keep, “Brainwashing our children.”


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