March 19, 2007

(Video) British Muslim: Islam = Terrorism, Paul Johnson Beheading Justified

Abu Izzadeen, a follower of British cleric Omar Bakri Mohammed, talks about that peaceful inner struggle called "jihad". Try not to throw anything at your computer screen as you watch. The video takes place in a London mosque:

Terrorism is part and parcel to Islam. Terrorism is part of the deen [Islamic way of life] of Islam. Yes. Allah said ... "to terrify the enemis of Allah, we should prepare ourselves." Prepare to go to war [jihad]. Jihad is [a religous obligation] on Muslims, on the males of like us here. That is why you should teach your son how to ride. How to shoot. It is the sunna [example of the Prophet Muhammed] of Muhammed, and a [religious obligation] on you as a father to teach him to become a mujahidid....

They want to say. "You know, Islam is only self defense. Islam is not offensive jihad"

Two types: Offensive jihad, to conquer and to protect the authority of the sharia [Islamic law]. And defensive jihad: to protect Muslim lands. Two types. And for your information...Mohammed, he took part in 27 battles. 27. And all of them offensive jihads.

All come out of Medina to go to the enemy. Every single battle....All offensive jihads. And we should follow them. Because the messenger Muhammed said in the hadiths [sayings of the prophet], "Upon you, binding upon you Muslims, is the living sunna [example of the prophet] and the sunna of the sahabba."

And for your information the sahabba ...he removed all Jews and Christians from the Hijaz [Arabian peninsula]....completely.

(Allahu Akhbar)

We will do the same.

That's why when you hear on the news that the mujahideen [reference to al Qaeda], you know, of [Saudi Arabia], they killed those British and they killed those Americans [ie, a reference to the beheading of American Paul Johnson and murder of Kenneth Scroggs and BBC cameraman Simon Cumbers] don't be surprised. It's not some new phenomenon to kill the enemies of Allah.

And you may say to yourself, "No, they [Paul Johnson, et al] are innocent."

No kafir [unbeliever, non-Muslim] is innocent. Innocence is only for the Muslims. No kafir is innocent.

Thou sayest.

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