March 17, 2007

Iranian TV Reviews "300"; Hilarity Ensues

I always get a kick out of propagandists who go out of their way to lie when the truth serves just as well or better. According to Iranian TV, "300" is Zionist propaganda that depicts the Spartans as "peace lovers" and Persians as "uncivilized."

You probably have to see the movie to fully understand how ridiculous the second and third claims are, but you probably got the idea from the trailers that the movie depicts a group of warlike and battle-hungry Spartans licking their chops to take on the armies of the vast and incredibly wealthy Persian civilization. The Persian elites bathe in luxury while Leonidas's troops enjoy a lifestyle that can best be described as "spartan." The Persians are shown as rigid and disciplined, employing advanced military technology (including hand grenades) while the Spartans make do with their swords and spears. The film slams the Persians plenty--but not for being "uncivilized."

If I were looking to whip up the Persian masses, I think I might've mentioned that the only Persian women shown in the flick are lesbians, that the Persians are shown engaging in decadent, gender-bending orgies and that King Xerxes is portrayed as vain, incompetent, very wierd and ambiguously gay--and I include the word "ambiguously" only because he's not explicitly shown banging any dudes. Think Ra from Stargate--only taller and more gay.

The funny thing here is that the movie doesn't say anything about the ancient (pre-Islamic) Persian civilization that the Iranian Ayatollahs don't say about it themselves. I guess it's like that whole "only I get to say my sister is ugly" thing.

h/t : Allah.

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