March 17, 2007

Memo to Dems : Economic Freedom Beats Socialism

The Democrats don't have a monopoly on bad ideas, but they tend to plant more than their share. With minds fixed squarely in the economic thinking of the late nineteenth century, Democrats are always trotting out some "new and improved" "anti-poverty" program--which invariably involves overriding free market decisions in favor of some preferred, centrally-planned outcome. They trot out the same old socialist programs time and time again--despite the abysmal track record socialism has in practice.

If you're aware that a free market is the most effective anti-poverty program ever invented, you'd be considered a "radical" in many corners of the world. This is true despite the generally unimpressive, and often catastrophic, track record of socialism in practice. Unfortunately for the world's central planning and redistribution advocates, every year brings even more evidence that the free market beats the living crap out of socialism when it comes to actually improving real lives in the real world. The evidence has shown, time and time again, that the wealth of a nation is strongly correlated to the degree of economic freedom in that nation. This is a truth, but it doesn't sell itself. Luckily for the world, The Heritage Foundation has pulled a whole buttload of the recent evidence together in a nice, convenient package in the form of the 2007 Index of Economic Freedom. The money shot:

freedom vs GDP.JPG

I'd encourage you to forward this chart to your favorite hippie.

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