March 17, 2007

'Global Warming' Update - Yet Another Ice Storm

It is with heavy heart and sad disposition that I write this post.

I was not able to attend the much-anticipated Gathering of Eagles today because of a freak occurrence of global warming that paralyzed much of this metropolitan area overnight.

And by global warming, I mean a fierce ice/sleet storm that covered every location from Delaware to Boston in nearly a foot of slush, ice and/or snow. When I awoke this morning, the global warming had frozen the slush that had been collecting all afternoon and evening on the roadways to a solid sheet of ice. Navigating the unplowed and untreated roads would have been very dangerous in my front-wheel drive Honda (problems in the past have taught me this), and I felt that the risks of trying to push through the quagmire of man-made sleet/ice/snow/warming was enough to turn me away from the long trip.

This has been frustrating, and I apologize to the readers for not being able to cover the event. Ragnar hopefully made it down there, although many international airports were closed and/or in flux last night due to the global warming.

G-d Bless the Veterans. I wish with every fiber of my being that I could have been there. I wonder if Algore's conspicuous consumption of 25X my energy usage could have had anything to do with this.


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