March 11, 2007

Terrorists Threaten to Murder Old Lady

A group of Islamic terrorists calling themselves the Arrows of Right Brigade has released a video threatenting to murder and old woman and her son if Germany does not withdraw it's support for NATO forces in Afghanistan.

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More here at Not Ready For My Burqa. Vicky has a prayer list of of hostages compiled there.

The video can be downloaded at from Laura's site here.

Thanks to Laura Mansfield for sharing a translation of the video. It begins...

In the name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate.
They say that if their demands are not met, they will murder her son before her eyes, then murder her. Yeah right, mercy and compassion my....

Update: Sorry, I accidentally uploaded the wrong video. The first video posted is a threat against Germany as well. See this entry at Site Institute.

The Global Islamic Media Front (GIMF), in collaboration with the al-Firdaws Network, issued to jihadist forums a 6:09 video through the Caliphate Voice Channel today, March 10, 2007, calling upon the governments of Germany and Austria to withdraw their troops from Afghanistan and cease support for the U.S. and NATO.
Transcript of the hostage video continues below the fold.

Praise be to God, "who sent down Iron, in which is for mighty war," and prayer and peace be upon the one who was sent with mercy and intimidation.

And then:

God has established a covenant of brotherhood in religion among the
believers all over the earth. God says: "The believers, men and women,
are protectors one of another."

The prophet, God's peace and blessings be upon him, says: A believer
is a brother of a fellow believer: He does not do him injustice, does
not let him down, and does not scorn him.

One of the strange things of this time is that the infidels take
lightly the intelligence of naive Muslims.

The tyrants of Germany are today killing our men and violating our
sanctities in Afghanistan, and then they smile at us outwardly in

Let the tyrants of the earth know that we are one nation. Our religion
is one. Our blood has the same value.

It is absolutely not possible for Germany to lead the war of the
occupying forces in Afghanistan for a long time and handle the
administration and extermination of large sectors of it, based on
their ominous division of their criminal military actions there,
killing our men and exterminating our children and women by bombing
the defenseless villages of the Afghans only because they chose Islam
as a religion and dignity as their path; and after that we in Iraq,
the land of the caliphate, are required to welcome and applaud them on
the pretext that they do not kill us in Iraq, but in Afghanistan.

By God, this shall not happen.

Misery to such brotherhood and to politics if this is what it means!

Therefore, we give the German Government 10 days from the date of this
statement to announce and start the withdrawal of their forces from
Afghanistan. Otherwise, he who has served a warning shall be excused.
They shall not even see one body of these two agents.

Allah Akbar! Glory is to Islam and the Muslims.

Siham al Haq Brigades



Prayer list of hostages from Vickie at Not Ready For My Burqa.

Hannelore Marianne Kraus and her son
The 5 British Embassy workers kidnapped in Ethiopia
Daniele Mastrogiacomo, the Italian journalist kidnapped in Afghanistan this week along with his interpreters
Sayed Agha and Ajmal, 2 Afghan interpreters
The 4 South African contractors kidnapped in Baghdad in December 2006
An American contractor kidnapped in Basra January 2, 2007

The five American and Austrian contractors kidnapped near Basra in November 2006:
Jonathan Cote
Paul Reuben
Bert Nussbaumer
John Young
Josh Munns

Three American civilians missing in Iraq since 2005:
Dean Sadek
Aban Elias
Jeffrey Ake

Ahmed Qusai al-Taayie, a U.S. soldier kidnapped in Baghdad October 23, 2006

Israeli soldiers kidnapped in Gaza in June 2006:
Gilad Shalit
Ehud Goldwasser
Eldad Regev

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