March 10, 2007

House Dems Sell Out America, Troops, Iraqi People for Peanuts

Literally…AP Via Yahoo.

Democrats seeking votes for their Iraq-withdrawal plan have stuffed the bill it's in with billions of dollars.

Money in the bill not directly related to the war exceeds $20 billion.

$500 million in "emergency" money for a Western fire season that has yet to start

$4.3 billion in disaster aid, aimed chiefly at the drought-stricken Great Plains and California farmers hurt by a hard freeze earlier this year.

$74 million for a peanut storage program

$25 million for spinach farmers

Extend income subsidies aimed at small dairy farms. Obey's 13-month extension would cost $283 million

$2.5 billion for homeland security projects such as additional cargo screening at ports and airports, $2.9 billion for levee improvements and other aid for the Gulf Coast, and $735 million to close shortfalls in the State Children's Health Insurance

Democrats insist they aren't being bought off.

"Absolutely not," said Rep. Jim Costa.

Yeah right, if not “being bought”, how about, “selling out”.

More here via Tigerhawk:

$20 billion and counting -- for pork-barrel projects that could not pass otherwise in order to secure the votes necessary to force the United States to surrender in Iraq…. … That is, frankly, disgusting, even by congressional standards.
Agreed, it seems they have totally forgotten that a big part of their gains in November were related to pork barrel punishment of the Republicans. But now, “pay as you go”, means a slow letting of out troops' blood, transfused directly into the politicians’ pet projects! They picked up right where Tom Delay left off, only worse.

Who's 20 billion in slow bleed money are they using? These guy's.

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