March 08, 2007

Dubai Ports Ship Stolen 4WD Vehicles

(Kelang, Malaysia) The theft of four-wheel drive vehicles by organized crime syndicates has been big business in Malaysia with buyers typically in Thailand and other southeast Asian nations. In the latest news, however, buyers in other destinations have emerged for the stolen 4WDs and transshipment is through the ports of Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

According to Police Chief Assistant Commissioner Rodwan Mohd Yusof:

"We believe the UAE is a point of transit before the stolen vehicles are shipped to new markets and this is said to include Afghanistan, Pakistan and Africa," he said.
In a recent bust, police recovered over 30 four-wheel drive vehicles in shipping containers destined for Dubai and transshipment to locations with, presumably, bad roads.

If the management controls over Dubai ports fail to prevent international trade in stolen, difficult to conceal, goods, one must wonder what other contraband makes it through. Also, is it logical to assume that the Dubai swag-movers are the same crowd that last year wanted to take over the operation of American ports?

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