March 06, 2007

Meet Bill Clinton's Mistress: Belinda Stronach

Apparently tongues were wagging in both the British tabloids and in the Great White North that Bill Clinton was getting a little action from Canadian Liberal MP, Belinda Stronach---and nobody bothered to tell me! Shame on you.

Stronach is one of the wealthiest businesswomen in Canada and, apparently, has a nack for sleeping with the rich and or the famous. This includes a couple of hockey players and a former Conservative MP.

Stronach herself was a Conservative but jumped ship, dumped her Conservative MP, and last year she' was rumored to be doing the Lewinsky act on Bill Clinton. Let's hope she's washing those dresses!

And, to be honest, she's not half bad looking--especially by Bubba's standards. For once Clinton shows a bit of taste if not any class.

The First Post:

The tabloids cut to the chase: they called her the "blonde bombshell" or "Bubba's blonde."

Bubba, of course, is Bill Clinton. He has been photographed with Stronach several times. The sightings seem to be getting more frequent, leading to press speculation that their relationship has moved beyond official "friendship" - the description used by Stronach's PR people - to true romance.

The money quote from the article:

"Bill was always more interested in her money than her breasts."

That's a first! Anyway, this may be old news to most, but the article just came up in my gmail, and it's a first to me.....and oh so predictably funny!

UPDATE: Since some of you can't read, let me clarify--this is old news, and I'm pissed that no one e-mailed me this. And you call yourselves friends.......

oops, I just realized I used the present tense in a few sentences. My bad.

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