March 06, 2007

Video of UK Imam: Ken Bigley Murder Justified

In this video, a British Muslim cleric discusses the beheading murder of Ken Bigley. He justifies Bigley's murder as an act of war, even though Ken Bigley was being held hostage at the time. Ironically, Bigley's murder was said to be in retaliation for the abuse of prisoners at Abu Ghraib. Abusing Muslim prisoners=bad; beheading infidel hostages=not bad.

Kenneth Bigley was in Iraq as a civilian engineer when he was captured by Abu Musab al Zarqawi's "Tawhid wal Jihad", later changed to "al Qaeda in Iraq". Several hostage propaganda videos were released in which Bigley was seen wearing the orange jumpsuit of Abu Ghraib and in which he made demands on the the Blair government for his release. In his last video, Kenneth Bigley is seen making more demands on Tony Blair and seems to be unaware that the man standing behind him, Abu Musab al Zarqawi, is about to murder him.

UPDATE: Jeremy Reynalds identifies the man as Abdul Rahman Saleem. Where have you heard that name before? He is the follower of Omar Bakri Mohammed who was put on trial for his part in the Mohammed cartoon protests when he advocated murdering blasphemers. He pleaded not guilty, of course.

We are not sure the name of the person justifying the murder of Ken Bigley, but another video, recorded at the same time, shows that just to the speaker's left sits a more familiar character: Abu Izzadeen. The speaker, then, is most likely a follower of Omar Bakri Mohammed.

Izzadeen is under indictment in the U.K. for inciting terrorism, but as far as we can tell the speaker in this video is walking around the streets of London or Birmingham inciting more Muslims to commit acts of murder, terrorism, or treason. Bakri Mohammed's followers in Britain unanimously support recruiting for jihad in Iraq and Afghanistan. Yes, they want British Muslims to fight British troops--the very definition of treason.

In the video, the speaker justifies Kenneth Bigley's murder on the grounds that Bigley was in Iraq to help fix military hardware which would then be used to "kill Muslims". This is not true. Kenneth Bigley, Jack Hensley, and Eugene Armstrong were in Iraq to work on civilian reconstruction efforts. They were there helping Muslims. It is al Qaeda in Iraq that continues to murder Muslims to this day.

The speaker then says Bigley was in Iraq to "steal the money of the Muslims". Which, of course, is also patently untrue. Ken Bigley was being paid by the U.S. government to help the Iraqis rebuild their country so that Muslims in Iraq would have a functioning economy so that they could earn money for themselves. It is those that murdered Ken Bigley that steal money from Muslims by blowing up Iraq's infrastructure.

The speaker, in what seems to be a bit of "humor", warns that people involved in the reconstruction effort--or, as he deems it, "stealing from Muslims"---should "mind your head". No doubt, a reference to the dozens of civilians beheaded by al Qaeda and other jihadi groups in Iraq.

Last, even though Bigley "converted" to Islam at the point of a knife, the speaker reiterates that since Islam forbids forced conversions, then Bigley must have become a Muslim of his own free will. See if you follow that sick and twisted logic? And if that is the case, even though the speaker does not say it in this video, those listening would undoubtedly understand another reason why his murder was "justified". To the Salafi jihadi mind, Muslims helping the U.S. and U.K. in Iraq are "traitors".

To get some ideas for yourself on how you can help, see Jeremy Reynald's book: Fighting the Online Jihad.

The video is below. If you saw the video of Kenneth Bigley being murdered, you might want to remove any objects from your reach that can be thrown at your computer.


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