February 27, 2007

Cheney Targeted by Suicide Bomb

(Bagram Airbase, Afghanistan) From an undisclosed location, Taliban spokesman Mullah Hayat Khan said, "We wanted to target ... Cheney." Fortunately, the Taliban was unsuccessful.

From The Age:

A suicide bomber killed up to 10 people outside the main US military base in Afghanistan in an attack aimed at visiting Vice-President Dick Cheney, but Cheney was not hurt in the blast.

An American soldier and a South Korean who was part of the US-led coalition were killed, as was a US government contractor whose nationality was unknown, officials said. NATO put the toll at four, including the bomber, and 27 wounded.

Local police said 10 people died.

The Taliban claimed responsibility, saying the bomber knew Cheney was visiting the sprawling Bagram Airbase, about 60 km from Kabul.

I'd like to know how the Taliban knew Cheney's itinerary.

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