February 27, 2007

Iranian Kurds: Just Doing The Jobs Americans Won't Do (Yet)

My favorite anti-mullah source sends this:

Hi Vinnie, I thought you might be interested in this snippet of news. Two days ago in northwest Iran, the Iranian Kurds brought down a chopper belonging to the IRGC (the main prop of the mullahcracy) killing 14 "Pasdaran" including two of their battalion commanders. The regime of course blamed inclement weather for causing the crash. My sources are the links below (unfortunately in Persian)

1. http://radis.org/ Radio Israel Persian service
2. [redacted for obvious reasons - Vinnie] an Iranian anti-Mullah blogger who quotes Reuters as claiming the chopper was brought down by ground fire by a Kurdish group called "Pezhak". Even the mullah regime admits that there have an increasing number of clashes between the IRGC and what they call "the criminal and anti-revolutionary element" in that region. This blogger makes the interesting speculation that the Kurds may have used shoulder-fired ground-to-air missiles provided to them covertly by the coalition.

I wouldn't be surprised if the coalition or Israel did provide Iranian Kurds with anti-aircraft weapons in retaliation for the Islamic Republic and/or Syria providing anit-aircraft missiles to the terrorists in Iraq and to the Hizbullah of Lebanon.

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