February 26, 2007

Video: British Imam Urges Terror Attacks

omar_bakri_mohammed_madrid.jpgHere is a video of British Imam Omar Bakri Mohammed urging Muslims to bring jihad to European soil. In it, he urges would-be jihadis to follow the example of the Madrid al Qaeda attackers and fight the infidels on their own soil rather than making Muslim lands the battlefield. 190 people died in those bombings.

The video is said to have been recorded in a London area community center, but you'll notice the sign above Bakri Mohammed reads something about "...cakes made to order". I'm not sure what, if anything, that means. Maybe the pro-jihad crowd was having a bake sale? You know, "Buy a halal cake and we'll send half the proceeds to bin Laden" or something like that.

The video is from Glen Jenvey, who sends his regards to Jawa Readers. If you want to read about how Glen was able to infiltrate both Abu Hamza and Omar Bakri Mohammed's inner circle, you can read about it in War of the Web: Fighting the Online Jihad

This People UK article suggests that this video is enough to finally indict Bakri Mohammed. You'll remember that after he fled Britain for Lebanon shortly after several of his follewers were rounded up on terror related charges that he was declared persona non grata in the U.K.:

Charles Shoebridge, a former counter-terrorism intelligence officer, thinks The People's evidence could be crucial in nailing Bakri, who lived in Britain for 18 years before he was banned from returning from Lebanon. Mr Shoebridge explained: "Just as once was the case with Abu Hamza, the authorities have been reluctant to act against Bakri.

"A reason given for this inaction was a claimed lack of hard evidence. But the videos show that this excuse doesn't stand scrutiny.

"After the 7/7 attacks, the Government made it an offence to glorify terrorism. Bakri seems to go well beyond this by apparently directly calling for attacks.

"On the face of it, these videos provide police with ample evidence to arrest Bakri should he ever set foot in the UK or any country with which the UK has an extradition treaty."

Read the rest of the story. Apparently they found a second video, which I don't have, of Bakri Mohammed's followers plotting to kidnap prison officials and "hang them from lamposts." Watch the video to the end. It cuts off, but I believe he was trying to urge Muslims in the U.K. to prepare themselves for the inevetable day when they will have to go to war with their own government.

Video below ----->

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