February 24, 2007

What Happens When Bush Is Gone?

Its gonna be like a bunch of crack addicts without their daily fix, running around in a confused and debilitated state of confusion. I predict massive bouts of depression, widespread questioning of the validity of life, and drug relapses.

This Salon article (painfully revelatory and candid/casual)
goes miles to validate and vindicate the criticisms of many critics.

Maybe we Bush-haters are extreme and obsessive. But Bush made us this way.(ed. - Blame shifting? Check.) We didn't want to hate (ed. Hate? Check.) the guy -- he left us no choice. And the respectable people calling for us to calm down and go to our rooms are the same good Germans who somehow didn't notice he was taking us down the garden path to hell.(ed. - Violation of Godwin's Law? Check.)

But after the high-fives, the partying, the Red Auerbach victory stogies and the cries of "Thank God almighty, we are free at last" have faded from the land, we'll be faced with a whole new landscape -- not just political but psychological. (ed. - realization that they may be totally insane and they don't care? Check.) And I suspect we're going to have a serious Bush hangover.

Gee. Ya think?

Who would've guess that living on years of visceral hate for a distant object of derision you've never even met might yield mild psychological damage? Surely not I, nor others.

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