February 22, 2007

More on the Home-Invading Moonbat Anti-Semite

Malkin gives the left's newest mentally-challenged homefront hero the treatment that the mainstream press, for some reason, just can't seem to give him. Make sure you read the screen caps of the loon's facebook comments. Note the word "kykes."

Hell, the media won't even dare to utter his political affiliation. We tried to help yesterday, but were blown off by the Free Lance-Star reporter for suggesting that this was a rabid, deranged leftist DEMOCRAT targeting people for their beliefs and attacking them.

And why isn't the densosphere condemning or even mentioning this incident? No Important Action Alert? No Townhall talking points email? No coordinated smear campaign on those the vicious little moonbat attacked? No cyber lynchmob? No ranting, profanity-laced tirades against the patriarchy and war machine?

I guess we're left to conclude that they support this kind of behavior.

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