February 20, 2007

Jawa Exclusive: Released Gitmo Detainee Arrested En Route to Iraq

He seemed to think that going to Iraq via Yemen was a good route. Maybe catch a flight on Yemenia.

Fahd al-Utaibi a/k/a Naif Fahd Al Aseemi Al Utaibi arrived in Saudi Arabia May 18, 2006 from Guantanamo, along with 14 others released by the US. He is currently on trial in Yemen for forging travel documents in order to join the jihad in Iraq.

Yemenis comprise one of the largest contingents of foreign fighters in Iraq, and it is said that they are aided by some in the military and intelligence services. President Saleh is a great fan of the resistance.

Yemenis incur no domestic legal penalty for murderous activities in Iraq, as a Yemeni court has ruled that killing foreign nationals in an occupied Muslim country is actually a good thing. However, at the time many in Yemeni civil society denounced the judicial finding as a regime attempt to placate Islamic extremists, a frequent occurence.

Related: A Yemeni journalist, Abed Al-Mahdhari, was sentenced to prison this week in a politicized, irregular trial, by a biased judge, with no recourse to appeal, for an opinion.

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