February 14, 2007

American al Qaeda Traitor & Blogger Arrested in Texas

Daniel Maldonado (aka, "ABU MOHAMMED"; aka "Daniel Aljughaifi"), a native born American who converted to Islam, went to Somalia following the call to jihad to fight for the African Taliban. Maldanado was born in Massachusetts, but presently lives in Houston Texas (specifically at 9888 United Drive, Apartment #2207---so, he may be your neighbor). Why was he fighting in Somalia? Because he wanted to practice "true Islam".

He also admitted that he would fight the Americans if they came to Somalia and had no problems with the September 11 attacks. Which is, I believe, the very essence of treason.

I've noted in the past that the African Taliban---formally call The Islamic Courts Union --has an American citizen named Ibrahim Hassan Addou as their 'Foreign Minister'. You also won't be surprised to learn that Professor Addou spent some time as an academic here in America.

Oh, and via a link by a Charles Johnson I found out he's a blogger. What's so interesting about his blog is that Daniel apparently spent a lot of time at an Islamic chat forum, and appears to have had some part in both designing the website and running it. He's listed as "staff" in his bio. To each of his messages posted at the forum is attached the slogan "Unite and Conquer".

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UPDATE: Thanks to Dave for finding this, one of the stories posted by Daniel to the main Islamic Network website was the conversion story of Yahiye Adam Gadahn--aka, Azzaz al Amreki--the Orange County convert to Islam who has appeared on several al Qaeda productions and who is said to have been charged with bringing a WMD into the U.S. The Islamic Network's search function shows that it was Daniel Aljughaifi who posted it.

In one post he laments:

Islam has become something that we read about and learn, and we rarely practice it sadly.
On his blog, he asks: "Am I a Wahabbi?" No apparent answer, except for the title of that post: "Die Hard Wahabbi". Which is interesting, becauce on an earlier post at the forum, he claims he does not much care for the "Saudi Salafis" and their propensity to declare non-Wahabbs apostate.

Several of his posts about Somalia have been removed, but one about news that the ICU had taken Mogadishu he says, "I felt like crying. Make Dua' [prayer] people!" And in another, "Somalia may have an Islamic state inshaAllah! [God willing]"

On one debate Daniel had with a Muslim woman thinking about unveiling herself, he argued that true Muslim women were required to not only cover their heads, but their entire bodies except for their hands and eyes. In another he posts a quote from an Islamic scholar urging Muslims not to live in the West. All in all he has over 500 posts at that website.

UPDATE: The guys at IM are now reacting to his arrest. Most common response? May Allaah hasten his release. Aameen.

UPDATE: Looks like Dave saw many of these same threads too, and I would have saved a lot of time had I read his entire post the first time.....

What is clear is that his online activities seemed to have influenced his decision to commit jihad. The transformation from American kid to Muslim terrorist was supported in an online community.

The very first words of the complaint against Daniel Maldanado allege that he:

conspired to use a weapon of mass destruction, that is a bomb....outside the United States
He is also accused of:
knowingly receiving military-type training from al-Qaeda
Which isn't incredibly surprising given that I've seen jihadi produced videos coming out of Somalia that show fighters who are definitely not from Somalia. You know, white guys. I always assumed that they were Arabs, but a friend of mine from Britain pointed out that at least one of them was from the U.K. Apparently, at least one of them was from the U.S. also.

More from the affidavit:

On or about November 24, 2005, he traveled to Cairo, Egypt, and in November 2006, to Somalia in search of a country where he could practice true Islam.
"True Islam", eh? By going to a country that wanted to kill apostates? Interesting...After being captured in Kenya, this is what he told the FBI:
that he had chosen to fight in Somalia because he believed that he was fighting for a legitimate Islamic government. He said, "I would be fighting the Somali militia, and that turned into fighting the Ethiopians, and if Americans came, I would fight them too."
That would, of course, be treason. And since the U.S. was actively bombing targets in Somalia, I would suggest that fighting with the ICU is also an act of treason.


MALDONADO further stated that he believed he would kill other Muslims, in an attack, if they were apostates and not faithful Muslims.
Remember, under Islamic Law apostasy is a captal offense.

The complaint goes on to explain how Maldonado arrived in Mogadishu and was equipped and trained then shipped to fight in Southern Somalia. At one point he even helped interrogate a flight attendant accused of being a "spy" because he had a camera phone. The "spy" was later killed.

Maldonado claims he never got to the front because he contracted malaria, but one of his jihadi associates claims:

MALDONADO did not go to the front because he had been selected for additional training
But that's not all, apparently the al Qaeda were the "cool kids" while Maldonado was part of the "B crowd":
MALDONADO stated that while residing with the young mujahadin in Mogadishu, he became aware that al Qaeda members were residing and training in the same compound.

A Yemeni who personally knew bin Laden, and MALDONADO, participated in nightly gatherings during which stories of bin Laden were told by the Yemeni. MALDONADO identified certain members at the camp as being al Qaeda, although he did not know for sure who all of the al Qaeda members were.

MALDONADO opined that al Qaeda fighters were given much more respect than members of the ICU. During discussions with the young mujahadin, they spoke about conquering Somalia, Ethiopia, and Egypt and making them Islamic states.

MALDONADO learned about a major al Qaeda operative fighting in the southern part of Somalia whom he did not meet.

Hmmm, I wonder who that could mean?

As Andy Cochran notes, Maldonado's indictment raises serious questions about the threat of Muslim converts in America. I would also add that it raises equally serious questions about the role of the internet in promoting, encouraging, and recruiting for jihad.

UPDATE: So I'm reading this report from ABC News linked by Michelle Malkin. Why is "It wasn't clear Tuesday whether Maldonado had a lawyer" an important angle to the story?

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