February 13, 2007

An al Qaeda Photo Album

Hidden away on al Qaeda's Labayk media website is what appears to a rather extensive submit your best photo contest. You know, stuff like, "me shooting at the Zionist Crusader infidels" and what not. The kind of stuff you and I have in most of our own photo albums. It's either that, or you can think of it as a kind of yearbook.

Anyway, since al Qaeda is just begging for us to look at these images, I present them below. A helluva lot of pics, but I don't think al Qaeda is all that worried about paying the bandwidth bills. Think of it as your patriotic duty to look at them, so al Qaeda will have a bigger bill. PS-if you want to hotlink these images at your site, I'll send you the html to save you time.

And thanks to mrclark for prompting me to go fishing for more open folders.......

In case you're wondering, I'm pretty much posting these so that al Qaeda's bandwidth will get sucked. The more you view, the less they have. Maybe we'll even push them over the bandwidth limit?

Incidentally, the dir info says the files were last modified 4 days ago......

And there's more, much more.........

Here are the photos of al Liby, posted just four days ago. I'm reposting to suck more bandwidth, plus many of you may not have seen the original post.

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