February 13, 2007

Jawa PSA: E-Mail Al Qaeda, Mess with Labayk Media

Here is an e-mail address associated with al Qaeda. Not al Qaeda in Iraq, or Saudi Arabia, or Algeria, but the al Qaeda in Afghanistan and Pakistan. You know, the one headed by Osama bin Laden and Ayman al Zawahiri.


Any replies should be FORWARDED (not cut and pasted) to Rusty ASAP.

"Labayk Media" is one of al Qaeda's main propaganda outlets (as Sahab is their video production company). And since their webmaster, who I presume is fellow Southern Californian Adam Gadahn (aka, Azzam al Amriki), was kind enough to leave his directory open for me, I'm going to go ahead and hotlink about a dozen or so very large images of escaped terrorist Abu Yahya al-Libi and what appear to be his devoted students. After all, I'm sure al Qaeda can afford the bandwidth...........

.....and if you look closely, you might see some clues as to where al Liby is located, and who he is hanging around with lately. I've reduced the size of the images to fit on this page. View images below ----->

UPDATE: Here is what says about these photos:

Labik Information Production Foundation published to its website today, Monday, February 12, 2007, a series of seventeen photographs of Abu Yahya al-Libi teaching a course in Islamic law, or Shari’a, at a Mujahideen training center, presumably in Afghanistan. Libi, since his escape from Bagram prison in Afghanistan in July 2005, has been featured as a scholar and commander in his writings distributed to jihadist forums and videos produced by Labik and as-Sahab. The images depict Libi during the instruction, Mujahideen students listening, dining, doing “homework”, and conversing with the commander. Other pictures show several firearms, with a caption reading: “Weapons side by side with the pen”. A whiteboard on which Libi writes instructs in what the Mujahideen should do with a captured “infidel”, suggesting that he be killed, held for ransom or prisoner exchange, or subjected to slavery.
FYI, SITE is incorrect. The dir listing says the images were uploaded on the 9th, not the 12th.

Right click and "view image" for larger versions.

Parting question: are those bagels he's making?

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