February 13, 2007

Iranians Supplying .50 cal Sniper Rifles to Iraqi Insurgents

SeeDub sent me a link to a post of his about tunnels across the U.S. border. Good find. But right underneath is, what I think, an even more important story.

Iran Ships Austrian .50-cal Sniper Rifles To Insurgents

If you've ever seen the kind of damage a .50 cal can do, you don't need to ask why this is a huge problem. They were developed to take out lightly armored vehicles, but can also be used against people. If you get hit by one of these, there is no hope for survival.

Bill Roggio, citing the same report, says:

Over twelve percent of Iran's Steyr HS50 sniper rifles purchased by the "National Iranian Police Organisation" in 2005 have been found inside Iraq.
Not. Good.

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