February 13, 2007

Holocaust Denying Radical D.C. Imam Pwn3d! (Updated, Bumped)

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Yesterday we brought you news that a self-described "Orthodox Muslim" imam in the Washington, D.C. area was inciting Muslims to commit acts of terrorism. In addition to the audio of one of his sermons, we also directed you to his webpage.

That MySpace page has been pwned! It's now an anti-terror, pro-Israeli site. The image to the right is now prominently displayed (give it a second, it's animated). Methinks DJM is behind this.........

On a related note, here is a podcast of Imam Muhammad al-Asi, of the D.C. Mosque and friend of Imam Musa denying the holocaust at about 14:30. Hat tip: Bobby.

I should have fully backed up Imam Musa's MySpace page (update: Mr. Clark found the Google cache), but I did get this much showing that there is a relationship between Musa and al-Asi:

On October 31, 2001, Imam Musa, along with Imam Muhammad al-Asi and others, appeared at the National Press Club and, in a program which was televised by C-SPAN, disputed the official story of what happened on Sept. 11, 2001, implying that the U.S. government was involved based on its historical pattern of creating wars to benefit pre-conceived agendas.
Does it surprise anyone that a 9/11 conspiracy nut would also be a Holocaust denyer?

UPDATE: Robert Spencer e-mails saying he has much, much more on al-Asi. It gets worse.

UPDATE II: Here is the audio of the Holocaust denial.

UPDATE III: Charles Johnson has even more on this tool.

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