February 09, 2007

PSA: Germany STILL Hosting Jihad TV (bonus: e-mail a terrorist)

The Global Islamic Media Front's (GIMF) "Voice of the Caliphate Channel" is still broadcasting from Germany. GIMF is an al Qaeda media support group. Remember, the more Jihad TV you watch, the less bandwidth they have. Watch here. It's sketchy, and the broadcast goes on and off at various times of the day. If you get it, I'd suggest minimizing it and turning the volume down. Way down.

Coincidentally, Spiegel TV was able to interview some of GIMF's German cell leaders last week. In it, the cell leader admits to recruiting for jihad in Iraq and Afghanistan. So, if Spiegel TV was able to contact this guy... er..... why hasn't the Gestapo or whoever the hell is supposed to be running security over there these days, you know, arrest him?

How did they get the interview? They did a Google search. They found the GIMF blog here. They left a comment here. GIMF responded in their own comment section.* It's not rocket science.

Oh, and they left these two e-mail addresses for the German media, just to be nice. Apparently, they want us to write them. Who are we to refuse?


To call a member of GIMF a terrorist would be an insult to terrorists. It would be like calling a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader a quarterback. If terrorists are the jocks, GIMFers are the jock supporters.

*Just in case GIMF takes down the comments, here is what is said:

Hello, my name is Jochen Bittner, I am a journalist with the German newsweekly DIE ZEIT. This is a request for the German editors of the GIMF. Could you kindly pass it on, please?

Guten Tag,

ich bin durch die Spiegel Online-Berichterstattung auf die deutsche Seite der GIMF aufmerksam geworden. Ich würde Ihnen gerne auch für die Online-Seite der ZEIT einige Fragen stellen, vielleicht am besten per E-mail. Wären Sie damit einverstanden? Dann würde ich mich freuen, wenn Sie sich bei mir melden.

Grüße, Ihr Jochen Bittner

And GIMF responds with their e-mails and some other information that is, well....how do I put this? Revealing.

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