February 09, 2007

Pallywood Hits Hamas: Khatami Torture Photo

Do you think the Pallywood propaganda machine is only about making Jews look bad? Think again. Here is a picture being run by a Palestinian Authority controlled outlet. It is allegedly of former Iranian President (and so-called "moderate") Mohammad Khatami overseeing the torture of a Sunni. It's political propaganda, but you have to give it to the guys at Fatah: it's good.

After the Fatah run Palestine Press Agency published the picture in late December, the photo became a hot topic at Islamist forums. Is it real, or is it a fake? Here is how the Pal Press captions the photo:

Here is a picture of former Iranian President Khatami overseeing the torture of a Sunni.

This is what Hamas wants here.

Hamas, of course, is the popular Islamist party/terrorist organization which wants to bring sharia law to Palestine. Yes they are Sunni, but that hasn't stopped the Shia Iranians from being their main financial backers.

So what is the big problem with the photo? No, it's not Photoshopped. No, that really is Khatami. But it's not what you think.

It's actually Khatami at a wax museum in Iran which depicts that various tortures and crimes committed under the Shah. No museums in Iran dedicated to the thousands tortured and murdered under the current regime, or the thousands more tortured under the guise of Islamic law.

If the Palestinians will stoop this low to discredit their fellow Muslims of Hamas, you don't seriously still believe that they wouldn't make even worse stuff up about the "Zionist oppressors", do you?

Thanks to Vancouver for the tip on this.

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