February 08, 2007

Abu Izzadeen Arrested: British Muslims Seethe, Threaten

An Islamic website linked to radical exiled cleric Omar Bakri Mohammed has announced that Bakri's lieutenant, Abu Izzadeen, has been arrested. U.K. newspapers are also confirming this. The specific charge is of encouraging terrorism.

The British website claims that Izzadeen was arrested "at the train station" and that Muslims should pray for Bakri. Other posters echoed the sentiment. "May Allah hasten his release," said one commenter.

"May Allah handle the oppressors, May He throw fear into there [sic] hearts, n [sic] direct his force against them.... May Allah (swt) make there plots against us a means for there [sic] own destruction!" said another.

Here's the website. The same forum recently described The Jawa Report as "a mix of red necks and swine eating pigs... most of which are made up of pedophiles and homosexual [sic]". We'll cop to the first two (rednecks and swine eating pigs), but I was under the impression that it was Mohammed who was the pedophile (eg, his marriage to the 6 year old Aisha, and his rape of her at 9) and that it was in Islamic countries where buggery runs amock!

Notice, too, that they site an ironic post by a commenter about finding justifications in the Bible for Christians killing Muslims. A) None of the authors of the Jawa Reports said that, it was a commenter B) The commenter was joking. A play on the injunction in the Quran for Muslims to kill Christians until they either convert or submit to Muslim rule.

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Sky News:

bu Izzadeen, the radical Muslim who barracked Home Secretary John Reid last year, has been arrested for allegedly encouraging terrorism.

Izzadeen, 31, was held this morning in Leyton High Road, east London, under Section 1 of the Terrorism Act 2006.

Scotland Yard said it related to an "on-going inquiry".

News reports indicate that the charge against Izzadeen relates to a speech we covered last year last year in Birmingham. Allahpundit has reposted the video today at Hot Air. Be sure to follow some of his links.

Hat tip: Glen Jenvey, bane of Abu Izzadeen.

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