February 07, 2007

Rare, But Not Extinct Roundup

howieunigoat.jpgThat’s right, Today we have Iraqi Muslims who kiss and hug American soldiers, Comments from a moderate Muslim calling the Muslime terrorists, “ followers of The Father of Lies—Satan.” And last but not least a unicorn.

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First US soldiers save an Iraqi Shia girl and her brother after their parents were killed during the recent battle in Najaf. Via NPR:

Not long ago, this outfit took part in a mass casualty evacuation from a battle in Najaf between Iraqi forces and a fanatical sect. Sgt. Sergeant Mike Williamson of Russellville, Ark., says he'll remember that day forever.

"Lo and behold, two children came in on litters" Williamson says. A girl, 7, and her 6-year-old brother were seriously wounded by shrapnel, probably from a grenade explosion in their house.

"I ended up going to assist with the little girl. She had some very severe injuries but was very alert," Williamson recalls. Through an interpreter, the girl said she had witnessed her parents being murdered in her house.

Williamson says a teddy bear brought a few smiles, but throughout the night, the girl would wake and begin crying. He would give her pain medicine, but that wasn't enough.

"She said, 'I miss my mom, I want my mom,' and that was tough for me. So I just spent time holding her hand and rubbing my fingers through her hair, just letting her know she was going to be taken care of."

They flew her and her brother to a Baghdad hospital.

"She grabbed onto me and didn't want me to leave," Williamson says. "That was tough. And I just kissed her gently on the forehead and had to leave so we could get back into our area in case another mission came in."

Williamson is the father of three children.

Next an Iraqi Sunni Muslim, saved from murderous kidnappers. Also Via NPR:
Sgt. Sergiy Michaud said: "We were standing beside the car and I was looking inside and saw a black hood and some AK-47 magazines with rounds inside. And then the car started shaking, you know, and I got scared. I'm like,"Whoa, what the hell?' And inside the trunk was this guy, we could hear him say, 'Thank you, thank you.' He heard English while we were speaking."

Sgt. Michaud pried open the trunk and pulled out a young man, blindfolded and bound in handcuffs.

"When he take me out of the truck, I kiss him so much," Ahmed said through a translator.

When Ahmed called his family to tell them he was safe, they refused to believe it. They were afraid to come and get him. Other Sunni families have lost more sons when they sent them to look for the first missing son. Eventually Ahmed's father was persuaded that his son had truly been rescued.

With tears pouring down his wizened face, 54-year-old Ahmed Jassim kissed every American soldier in sight. For this group of soldiers, it was a very good day.

The U.S. troops would probably have not found Ahmed if they hadn't been living right in the neighborhood, instead of at a large base, removed from most neighbors. The young man's mother told the soldiers that her family has a big yard next to their house. Come and set up a base there, she told them.

So, ya'll still wonder why we are in Iraq? It seems to me the above stories answer that question quite well.

Next a comment we received on the MF in support of Jeffrey Ake calling his kidnappers, “followers of The Father of Lies—Satan”

I too find it shameful that these murderers can call themselves followers of Islam. If they harm Mr. Ake they will have an innocent's blood on their hands. And what's so amazing is that these people don't seem to have a clue that everytime they force an American to speak on tape, every American knows that the victim is only being forced to say what the terrorists want them to say. The US is not the cause of these problems. And Islamic terrorists will never be able to sit down with an American president because we already know that one cannot reason with a terrorist. Therefore, it is common policy that we NEVER negotiate with terrorists. End of story. But here we have this poor woman, Mrs. Ake, filing for bankruptcy, about to lose her home, having to raise her four children without their father, all because these pitiful so-called followers of the Koran who pretend to follow Mohammad. What a lie. Mohammad would never ask human beings to treat fellow human being with such hatred and cruelty. Those kidnappers are followers of The Father of Lies--Satan. And one day, they will have to answer for the harm they brought to innocent people. By kidnapping the weak, who have no real authority, the kidnappers show themselves to be weak of character, weak in morality, and disgraceful individuals.
Oh the unicorn….I almost forgot. It seems that Michael Weaver is in a “discussion” with long time regular Osama…You know Osamabeenhiding, Osamabeenworking, Osamabeenthisandthat.

Of course, I found this amusing since Mike is a recent regular and Osama is an old regular. I think Mike has his work cut out for him.

USA all The Way Mike Weaver:I had a semi-sensical rant aimed at Osamabinthere/Osamabinhiding. I was bored and tired of trying to get lefties think. I ended up making him a challenge though, and I was wondering if you could help me. I said I'd try and get a Unicorn to the jawa report, if he would try to get a moderate Muslim. Here is my Unicorn.


Ok so that’s more of a uni-goat, but maybe Osamabeenarguingwithmike will accept it as good enough and bring us that moderate Muslim. Then he too can get his two cents worth in during all the arguing and insulting. Have fun guys and try to be nice to each other.

Oh and Kudos to NPR’s coverage of these two stories. Nice job guys.

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