February 02, 2007

Gunbattle Inside Iran

Conflicting reports on fighting inside of Iran.

Gateway Pundit:

Aryamehr, a terrific Iranian blogger who frequently reports news and video from inside the regime is reporting news of an armed struggle by the Lor, Bakhtiari and Qashqai tribes in Iran against the regime.

The Iranian government paints a far different picture:

Six police officers and four volunteers were martyred and 13 wounded in a violent clash with drug traffickers in the city of Semirom, Isfahan province.

Police Commander of Semirom, identified by his surname Mokhtari, told ISNA that four drug smugglers were also killed in the 18-hour gun-battle.

The sad fact is, each side would have good reasons to concoct falsehoods. Of course, the Iranian government would cover up a battle with anti-government forces. However, if it was a battle with drug smugglers, the resistance group could be using the incident for propaganda purposes.

Maybe Garduneh Mehr will have some inside info for us.

In the meantime, I'll keep my fingers crossed that it's the mullahs who are lying. 28 years of distrust can't be wiped out with one news story.

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