February 01, 2007

Al Qaeda Behind British Beheading Plot; Bakri Mohammed Implicated; Suspects Identified (Updated)

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New developments on the raid that rounded up 9 Muslims suspected of plotting to behead a returned British Muslim soldier. Al Qaeda is now said to be behind the plot, and directed from Pakistan. At least two suspects remain at large. Also, a second Muslim soldier was targetted.

The message the beheading video would send was not only that the British should abandon Iraq and Afghanistan, but that Muslims serving in the UK are now considered "apostates". Apostasy is a capital crime under Islamic law, and beheadin apostates specificaly approved by Mohammed, the Muslim "prophet". The video would serve as a warning to British Muslims not to cooperate with the "kuffar' (unbeliever) nor to change their "deen" (Islamic way of life).

Further, one of the suspects may have served on the Muslim Council of Britain. Another seems to have been involved in the operation of a pool hall. A third was a part owner in a bookstore which sold Islamic jihadi propaganda masquerading as "documentaries", the former owner of which was a Guantanamo Bay detainee.

All this, and more, below.

Daily Mail:

A foiled plot to kidnap, torture and behead a British Muslim soldier was orchestrated by Al Qaeda, police sources have said.

Officers suspect the mastermind behind the appalling attempt to bring the horrors of Baghdad to the streets of Britain is a senior Al Qaeda terrorist with close links to Osama Bin Laden.

It also seems that someone at The Daily Mail has been reading The Jawa Report. Yesterday we posted audio of Bakri Mohammed praising Abu Musab al Zarqawi for beheading hostages:
The alleged plot follows an appeal by extreme Muslim cleric Omar Bakri Mohammed last summer for fanatics to kidnap a British soldier in Iraq or Afghanistan - branding all Muslims who serve with the coalition troops as "non-believers".

A senior security source said: "The plot involved a ruthless gang who regard British Muslim soldiers who serve in Iraq or Afghanistan as traitors for killing fellow Muslims.

The Sun reports that at least two suspects also remain at large and that a second potential beheading victim had been singled out.

Dan Riehl did some Google mining and came up with this info. It looks like one of the suspects might have been looking for a job as a Urdu teacher. Urdu is the national language of Pakistan. The 29 year old father of two ran the grocery store, closed down by the raid (source). The same suspect may also be the same Amjad Mahmood who has served on the Muslim Council of Britain.

Another one of those arrested was the bookshop owner, Abu Bakir, who took over the Islamist bookstore from Moazzam Begg, a former Guantanamo Bay detainee released by President Bush over the objections of the CIA and FBI.

Also detained is Azzar Iqbal, a 30 year old father who runs a carryout pizza place. Oddly enough, there is "snooker" (pool) club/bar in Birmingham with a business contact of "Azzar Iqbal". Odd pastime for a terrorist. Unless "Azzar" and "Iqbal" are common Pakistani names.

Is it the same guy? I'm guessing, yes. The "snooker club" is located on Alum Rock Road. Apparently, the suspects lived in the vicinity of the "Alum Rock Islamic Centre" where the imam is giving statements about the raid.

The reaction from Muslims in the area go from "perplexed" that these nice boys could plan something so terrible, to defiant flipping the British equivalent of "the bird", to "angry skepticism". No, not angry that fellow Muslims would plan to behead a hostage. Angry at the police for arresting fellow Muslims.

UPDATE: Alphabet City puts adds this. The beheadings were supposed to take place in Tipton. A former Guantanamo Bay detainee lives in Tipton. His name is Asif Iqbal. Is he related to Azzar Iqbal?

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