January 31, 2007

New al Qaeda Video: Zionist Crusaders Blamed for AIDS in Libya

When the al Qaeda production company, as Sahab, announced that it was soon releasing video of Abu Yahya al-Libi--a captured al Qaeda fighter who later escapted--about "AIDS babies in Libya" I joked that I bet they blame the evil Zionist Crusaders. I have not been disappointed.

The video actually has not been released yet. Somehow, though, Laura Mansfield has gotten hold of what looks like a pre-final production copy once again. The 17 minute video has English subtitles, which means you are the audience. Oh, and you're also to blame for AIDS in Libya.

Clicking on the image below will take you to the full video, courtesy of Laura Mansfield.


The context of the video is over accusations made by the Libyan government that some Bulgarian nurses deliberately gave the HIV virus to over 400 children. Needless to say, a charge that most find preposterous.

Al Libi's arguement goes something like this: Bulgarian nurses gave kids in Libya AIDS. The West is concerned about the nurses (who are presumably guilty) but not the innocent Muslim kids. The West, therefore, hates Muslims. This is part of a larger war against Muslims. Muslims should then make war with the infidels.

This is how he concludes:

That is why we say that the time has come, O Muslims, for you to recognize the hateful infidels as they really are. It's time for you to recognize these hateful infidels are they really are. They are murderers, killers, and criminals who sow corruption on Earth,

And don't be fooled by their shiny slogans and false words because - by Allah - your blood, lives, and children are worthless to them. You will only find honor with which to make progress and strength with which to protect yourselves in your true religion which is based on disowning them and their servants and declaring open animosity to them. And their evil and corruption will only be stopped by fighting without leniency and performing non-stop Jihad until there is no unbelief and all religion is for Allah.

Laura, once again, proves she's one step ahead of the curve.

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