January 31, 2007

(Audio) British Cleric Encourages Muslims to Behead Hostages: Birmingham Connection

In this two-minute audio clip, Omar Bakri Mohammed urges his followers to use whatever tools they have at their disposal in fighting the jihad. He claims those tools include beheading hostages. This message was recorded by Glen Jenvey on June 8, 2006--the day Abu Musab al Zarqawi, the leader of al Qaeda in Iraq who beheaded British hostage Ken Bigley, was killed.

Why bring this up now? Omar Bakri Mohammed's al Muhajiroun followers congregate in Birmingham. The voice you hear is that of Omar Barki Mohammed, many of those listening to him would have been in Birmingham. It's not a direct connection, but it may have been a motivating factor in the plot to kidnap and behead a British soldier. Especially given that those involved in the plot looked to Zarqawi's example. Add moral justification to example and you have a recipe for action.

Audio below:

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Much more on the plot to behead a British soldier, the Bakri connection, and the Maktabah Al Ansaar connection here.

And just one more reminder of what Bakri Mohammed's followers have said in the past.

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